THG Shoot

Art Direction • Shoot
Art Direction - Photography shoot for THG.

Client: THG
Creative Lead: Claire Dacre
Art Director: Claire Dacre
Designers: Larisa Mazilu, Claire Dacre
Producer: Alice Allen-Biddell
Photographer: Dan Howarth
Set Builder: Scott Cheetham
Retoucher: Julius Batulevicius

What we did

The client wanted us to make a bold statement with a brief to capture the luxurious nature of THG's array of brands. The intention then was to use photography across digital and print to illuminate the company to investors and attract talent.

We had an idea to break down the logo into a series of unique shapes - the building blocks of THG. We then manipulated these shapes in different ways, creating scenes and props with different surfaces and textures. I’m very proud of this project and was close to it from pitch to sign off.

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